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Welcome back!


It’s about that time of the year again. The new freshman class is arriving and, like countless years before them, the University is showcasing all the wonderful and interesting activities in which the eager and curious new students can engage. After all, many good friendships have been formed through clubs, not to mention that a club with like-minded peers is what can make us feel at home at times when we have nobody else to turn to.

If you like living and promoting a responsible, sustainbale lifestyle, and want to help tackle climate change, SURGE is the group for you!
And next week you’ll have two opportunities to learn about the club and meet SURGErs!

Tuesday September 10, 2013:
Political Activities Fair
When: 4:30 – 6:30pm
Where: Whig-Clio

Friday September 13, 2013:
Student Activities Fair
When: 12 – 3pm
Where: Dillon Gym

Come and see what SURGE is all about!
All are welcome to join our club 🙂




Yes, we have started a divestment campaign on our campus!  It’s going really well so far. We have a steady following on Facebook and Twitter, and so many students and staff have already signed our petition.

Follow us on Twitter @DivestPrinceton
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Every single Like, retweet and +1 makes a difference!

Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser this Wednesday!!

How can we curb climate change and avoid destructive weather events like Hurricane Sandy in the future?

Join the Sierra Club and Princeton University’s SURGE (Students United for a Responsible Global Environment) to answer such pressing questions and help us raise money for Hurricane Sandy Relief. The event will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 12th at 6:30pm in McCosh 46.

We’ll begin with a screening of the riveting documentary Cape Spin, about the trials and tribulations of the Massachusetts offshore wind pro


Suggested donation of $10 – Free SURGE mug and raffle ticket included with your donation! All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief.

**Raffle Prizes Include**
– a $50 gift card to Blue Point Grill/Witherspoon Grill
– a $20 gift card to Mehek
– a $10 gift card to Slice Between

Following the film will be a panel discussion featuring leaders in our clean energy future. Featured panelists are:
– Former Governor James Florio
– Research Meteorologist Tom Khutson
– Offshore MW CEO, Peter Giller
– Cape Spin filmmaker, Robbie Gemmel
– Former Sierra Club president, Robin Mann


Thank you to our sponsors: Blue Point Grill/Witherspoon Grill, Mehek, and Slice Between!


Watch a video of the climate debate that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama avoided.  Featuring Obama campaign surrogate Kevin Knobloch vs. former Republican Congressman and Governor of Delaware Mike Castle.

Climate change feeds Hurricane Sandy


A nice connect-the-dots piece here.

Update: I’ve been picked up by The Atlantic!

Blue sky ideas for emissions reduction


You may have heard of the upcoming self-driving car.  If you haven’t: Google is prototyping self-driving cars.  They are now legal in California and Nevada.  These cars will let passengers spend less time looking at the road (and therefore more time looking at Google ads), but they could also help reduce carbon emissions.  Computerized “hypermiling” could increase fuel efficiency and decrease time and gas spent idling in traffic.

But cars cause only a part of transportation carbon emissions.  Another large chunk of CO2 comes from jets.  So could networked, self-flying jets cut emissions from air travel as well?  Airbus thinks they could.  In a vision for air travel in 2050, Airbus suggests planes flying common routes could eventually fly in formation, drafting off each other to save 10-12% on fuel costs.  Planes need better sensors and automation to fly so close together safely, but considering recent advances the idea isn’t just pie in the sky.  Self-flying jets could save even more fuel by tracking weather conditions and adjusting routes on the fly.

Mighty Ducks flying in formation to save fuel.

Of course, just to keep this post well-grounded, slight improvements in fuel efficiency won’t be enough to make flying an eco-friendly endeavor as Airbus might want us to think.  Eventually, renewable fuels will have to replace fossil jet fuel.  However, it’s very encouraging that industry leaders are coming up with outside the box, blue sky ideas to cut emissions that make equal sense for both balance sheets and the environment.


An excellent study in denalism


An excellent study in denalism

Whoa, people actually seem to like this!  I wrote a quick response to a Wall Street Journal op-ed by a group of climate denialist scientists, including the professor Aliza and I helped defeat in a debate a year or two ago.  Check it out, it’s currently at the top of the Science 2.0 site.