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Some of Our Favorite Environmental Groups Call for Help for Haiti- and So Do We!


-by Derek Gideon

Photo courtesy of

The disaster in Haiti has nothing to do with climate change, but when people need help, it doesn’t matter what your cause is. Within a couple of days of the earthquake, posted photos of  Haitian activists taking part in their international day of climate action last October with a plea for donations to a list of relief organizations working in Haiti.

Meanwhile, Avaaz, a global grassroots group that was a leading voice for change at the UN climate talks last November, is taking a more active role.  The group’s website calls for “stronger protections for the environment, greater respect for human rights, and concerted efforts to end poverty, corruption and war.” They’re certainly living up to that mission in Haiti, where they’re both raising money for local relief efforts and calling on international financial institutions to cancel Haiti’s debt while they rebuild. To donate through Avaaz and sign their petition, just follow the links.

For our our on-campus readers, there’s also a bake sale going on in Frist to raise money for the Red Cross in Haiti.  Rice crispie treats are one dollar and muffins are two, but of course, you’re always encouraged to donate more. Look for the long table on the first floor.

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