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Action Update: We’re on Vacation, but Big Polluters aren’t!


-by Derek Gideon, editor

They just won't give it a rest, will they? Photo courtesy of

I hope that exams went well for you all, and that you have a relaxing week of Intersession ahead of you. Meanwhile, while we were in exams, the Senate is getting closer to voting on amendment to the Clean Air Act proposed by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) that would counteract the EPA’s finding that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant.

Our friends over at the Energy Action Coalition are organizing a call-in against the Murkowski Amendment. Follow the link and you’ll be provided with your Senators’ phone numbers and a script.

If passed into law, the amendment could compromise the ability of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases should Congress fail to do so.  According to reporting by Politico , the piece of legislation was essentially written by dirty energy lobbyists.

Please take a moment from your Intersession to make the call, since stopping the amendment is critical for ensuring a strong climate bill.

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