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Listen to the Talking Condom and Call Governor Christie to Unfreeze Climate Action!


If you are reading our blog for the first time, chances are it’s because you saw our “climate freeze” today in Frist.

While the planet warms, government action on climate change is still frozen.

A Democrat-controlled congress with a Democrat president failed to pass climate legislation. And while one party fails to take action to solve the climate crisis, the other is in active denial: Out of all the Republicans running for the Senate this year, only one accepts the scientific consensus that climate change is caused by human activity.

Meanwhile, our atmosphere’s carbon dioxide levels continue to rise closer to the 45o parts per million many climate scientists consider a “tipping point” for dangerous climate change. In the past months we have seen Russia on fire and Pakistan under water.

It is time to melt our frozen political system the way a glacier melts, from underneath. In California, that means defeating the out-of-state oil company funded Proposition 23, which would effectively kill California’s clean energy policies. In New Jersey, that means rallying  support around the state’s Energy Master Plan. When Governor Corzine released the plan in 2008, the environmental group Union of Concerned Scientists praised New Jersey as “one of the states leading the nation in addressing global warming.” The Energy Master Plan calls for New Jersey  to reduce energy use twenty percent by 2020 through increased efficiency, while also investing in clean energy innovation.

Upon taking office, Governor Chris Christie commissioned a review of the plan to adapt it to the current economic crisis. Knowing Governor Christie’s record so far, that most likely means massive cuts. The results of the review are set to come out over the next two months.

Please call or email Governor Christie with the following message:

Governor Christie, I am concerned for the clean energy future of New Jersey. While it is important to adapt our state’s Energy Master Plan to current economic realities, we also need to look ahead. The future we need is one with a strong green economy and without disastrous climate change. That is why we need to keep the Energy Master Plan’s clean energy and efficiency goals.

Phone: 609-292-6000


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