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The Princeton Climate Dispatch is the blog of Princeton SURGE, Princeton University’s only student group dedicated entirely to fighting climate change.

SURGE Mission Statement

“Princeton University SURGE (Students United for a Responsible Global Environment) is comprised of a dedicated group of undergraduate and graduate students. Our mission is to combat global climate change by catalyzing the transition from awareness to action, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the Princeton community, and engaging as active citizens to promote changes in policy and legislation.”

The Princeton Climate Dispatch Editorial Statement 

The Princeton Climate Dispatch uses the written word to fight for a socially just and ecologically sound future while maintaining responsible journalistic standards.

Editorial Standards- A Note from the Editor

 Welcome to the Princeton Climate dispatch! As we expand, one of our goals for the blog as we expand is to give it a strong sense of place. Often, that will mean doing original reporting. Blogs are not always the most trusted source for original reporting, so we are taking some precautions.

Fact Checking

We will fact check original reporting. If professors or students are quoted, we will personally contact them to make sure the quotes are accurate. In some cases, sources from off-campus may be harder to verify. In that case, we will remind writers to be responsible, and to consider themselves bound by Princeton’s Honor Code.


Many blogs use an informal system of a citation by inserting links to websites that back up what they’re saying. We will do the same. As a rule, we will never use a link to another blog except as a commentary on or response to that blog. Online newspaper and magazine articles are better, and in circumstances where the data is truly controversial, it is best to use information peer-reviewed scientific literature. Once again, we will remind our writers to consider themselves bound by Princeton’s Honor Code.

Write for Us!

To write for the Princeton Climate Dispatch, just write a post or a proposal for a post and send it to

In addition to news and commentary, we’re also encouraging submissions of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and photography exploring environmental issues or themes.

Have fun reading, and, we hope, writing!


The views expressed on this blog do not reflect the views of Princeton University or its administration. They do not represent the views of Princeton SURGE unless announcing a SURGE event or otherwise noted.

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