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It’s important to us to be involved in long-term campaigns. They shape our image, and allow us to be part of ongoing work to tackle climate change. Here is a summary of the current status of the campaigns SURGE is involved with.

Divest Princeton

It’s been almost a year now, since we began our campaign to get Princeton University to divest from fossil fuels.It’s been a hilly road… We’ve reached so many students, faculty, staff and alumni with our petition, but on some days it’s as if we have not been able to gain a strong foothold on campus yet. We’ve had some presence in the Daily Princetonian, have organized panel discussions, and have held meetings with campus officials, but we have not been able to convince most of them that divestment from fossil fuels is a viable solution to climate change.

So we must do something to change this. We have a plan.

For one, divestment isn’t a household term yet, or at least, people aren’t really talking about it. Therefore, we will organize events to reach out to distinct student groups on campus, and start a dialogue about what divesment means from their perspective. If we are able to speak with undergrads about this and get them talking about Divest Princeton, we’ve reached our goal of raising awareness on campus.

Second, we need to clearly define our goals for this campaign, clearly lay out our game plan, and offer guidance on how divestment from fossil fuels can be implemented incrementally on our campus. We need to tackle it from various sides, and incorporate all the feedback we have received so far.

We have a lot of enthusiastic, dedicated new and old SURGE members who are excited to set our plans in motion.  Hopefully, we’ll be ready to get started within the next few months.


Save the Arctic

We just began our involvement in this campaign this semester, and we are still learning all about the different aspects of this campaign. Thanks to one of our new members, we kickstarted this campaign with a photo petition to free the Greenpeace activists imprisoned in Russia for demonstrating at an oil rig.

In the next few weeks, we will educate ourselves more about what Save the Arctic entails, and which goals we want to achieve.

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